What to Expect

What to Expect

We gather on Sundays at 16019 Manchester Rd. Ellisville, MO


  • We gather for education at 9:00 am. The topics are always such that you can join in at any time in the series and immediately be up to speed with the other attendees.
  • Worship begins at 10:00 am
  • The service typically runs about 1 hour, with time after the service for fellowship and coffee.

What to Expect

  • What is the music like? We are Christians, formed in traditional Lutheranism. For us, that means that we organize our service around a mix of contemporary music and music that spans the rich history of the whole life of the church. So, depending upon the focus of the day, you might find us worshipping God with something you heard recently on Christian Radio or a traditional favorite from way back.
  • How is your service structured? Worship is guided by a certain order we call Liturgy. We think all churches have liturgy, in that all churches usually have a plan for what they’re going to do on a given Sunday. Most of the musical portions of our liturgy happen to be written by one of our members, a kind of composer in residence.
  • What do we actually do? Each Sunday we sing hymns,  read scripture, pray a psalm and hear a sermon based on the scriptures, read that day. We pray together and celebrate Holy Communion.  Our sermons are shaped by the Word of God but are always relevant to the issues of our day.
  • Can I participate in Holy Communion? We always include Holy Communion in our service. We believe that all baptized people who want to share in the real presence of Jesus are welcome to do so.
  • What do I wear? People pretty much wear what they want. On a given day, someone will wear a suit, another will arrive in shorts and a t-shirt. We really just want you to be with us as we worship God together.
  • Do you offer child care? We do not currently offer child care. The facility we rent does not have separate space for that. However, we love the sound of children in our worship and we truly believe that one of the first practices of spiritually forming our children is to have them present with us in worship. We suggest that you bring age-appropriate, soft toys or quiet activity books for your children.