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5th Sunday in Lent

March 29 2020                                                              Scripture: Ezekiel 37:1-14; Romans 8:1-11; John 11:1-45 How are you feeling in the midst of the current situation? What is encouraging you these days? Frequently I see or hear the statement, “We’re all in this together.” True and encouraging. It does help knowing that you’re not the only one going through this. But I need more than that. Because people find ways of forcing division, finding fault lines that widen into opposition—even when everyone is in the same boat. So I need encouragement and hope that don’t come laced with suspicion and hate. So I amRead More →

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Online Meeting tips

We have chosen to keep our community connected using Zoom online meetings for worship and education meetings. Some of the committee’s are also using Zoom for their work. During Sunday’s meeting, a few issues were noted. These tips may be useful to you. Connecting to Zoom is very user friendly. If you have a particular question, it may be answered at their help page: Zoom Support We received a link this week from a third party site, addressing how to use Zoom. This may provide another source of information to you:  How-To-Geek/How to Join a Zoom Meeting Using the App When  you join theRead More →

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Thoughts for the Duration

As a congregation we are trying to do what Jesus would do: sacrificing our desires and convenience for the sake of others. But no matter what, we need not sacrifice our faith or our relationship with Christ and His Church. For now, we are not sharing Church gatherings, corporate worship, or Holy Communion, but we can still share in mutual encouragement, Holy Scripture, and prayer. Lenten devotionals from the North American Lutheran Church are available online at The NALC also makes available spoken and sung versions of the daily Morning Prayer (Matins) at If you have internet access, these resources are easy toRead More →

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Lenten devotionals

We will all benefit from additional time, if brief, spent reading God’s Word, meditating on it and responding to it. This is the aim of this Lenten devotional booklet — to stimulate regular, personal, daily time in the Scriptures in an easy to use format that encourages faithfulness. We also hope that these brief readings and meditations will help those not used to daily Bible reading, to begin, at least during Lent. May our love for and knowledge of Holy Scripture grow, in some small way, as we take a Lenten walk together, through the Word! This year’s Lenten devotional, A Lenten Walk Through the Word,Read More →

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It’s beginning to show . . .

Publicity . . .You’ll see a new ad published in the West County and St. Charles Magazine. This should hit your mailbox on Feb. 26th Research with a couple larger churches in our area points out this has been very effective for them. We continue to expand our scope and outreach. Logo Update. . . The communications guru at NALC offered his assistance on a logo to identify us. The original logo came out of a need to have a name to register with the State. But it’s time to have a more identifiable image. You’ll see it here and on future publications Amaryllis Update.Read More →

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