We have chosen to keep our community connected using Zoom online meetings for worship and education meetings. Some of the committee’s are also using Zoom for their work.


During Sunday’s meeting, a few issues were noted. These tips may be useful to you.

Connecting to Zoom

Zoom.us is very user friendly. If you have a particular question, it may be answered at their help page:

Zoom Support

We received a link this week from a third party site, addressing how to use Zoom. This may provide another source of information to you: 

How-To-Geek/How to Join a Zoom Meeting


Using the App

When  you join the meeting, your device is defaulted to Video ON and Audio MUTED.


  • You can turn the video off, if you wish, however it is good to connect and see our friends and family.
  • You can play with your video settings by hosting your own short meeting and seeing the image. Logon to Zoom, click the “New Meeting” button and the Zoom window will open with your image. Try different locations and comfortable settings. You will note bright backgrounds and dark rooms are not ideal. If you have lighting slightly overhead and in front of you, you will get the best image.


  • When you join the meeting, we recommend you select Computer (Internet) audio. That provides the audio connection via the internet.  We recommend you mute the app until you wish to make a comment, ask a question and respond. If you do not keep the app muted, everyone will hear your background noises.
  • If two devices are connected in the same room, DO NOT let them face one another, you will get feedback (squeal) 



During our meeting, some persons were seeing a bar flash onto their screen “Your Internet Connection is Unstable” This is typically caused when your wireless connection speeds drop below a certain thresh-hold. Zoom has a page of tips to check – The simplest and often the solution is a simple re-boot of your wireless router/modem.

Zoom Blog – Enhancing WiFi


If you have issues, or need help, let us know, we have a few members who may be able to assist you.


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