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5th Sunday in Lent

March 29 2020                                                              Scripture: Ezekiel 37:1-14; Romans 8:1-11; John 11:1-45 How are you feeling in the midst of the current situation? What is encouraging you these days? Frequently I see or hear the statement, “We’re all in this together.” True and encouraging. It does help knowing that you’re not the only one going through this. But I need more than that. Because people find ways of forcing division, finding fault lines that widen into opposition—even when everyone is in the same boat. So I need encouragement and hope that don’t come laced with suspicion and hate. So I amRead More →

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There is a lot to a church, in addition to the services. Rentals, income, fees, website administration, everyday decisions. This is typically handled by the staff or church council. But who is that? Normally elected from the congregation, to get started, these persons have volunteered for the first shift. Chairman (President?): Jim Brooks Treasurer: Dave Zahller Secretary/Admin: Paul Proefrock Communications: Mary Nelson At Large: Diane Hubbart At Large: Karen Keske At Large: Scott Martin At Large: Rosemary Trussler The council met for the first time Jan. 28, 2020. Agenda and minutes are posted below. Future agenda’s and minutes will be posted here in sequence.Read More →

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Questions, answers, Worship

Last Sunday’s gathering was a joyous mixture of conversation, hymns, music, fellowship, and Word – and Pastor Beverly is a blessing beyond our wildest dreams! What a great group. We did notice there are still questions to be raised and answered. We’ll gather again at the Manchester Parks Recreation & Arts Center (Schroeder Park) and will begin with a discussion lead by Pastor Beverly DeBord and follow with Worship after the conversation. We’ll begin at 5:45 PM. If you were there last week, please come again. If you couldn’t attend last week, we hope you’ll join us. If you have a friend who may beRead More →

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Our first service . . .

As we pull all the loose ends together to form our group, I am amazed how God has not only opened doors for us but led us along a path that almost seemed pre-ordained. Timing, opportunities, resources . . . everything just kind of falls into place. While meeting with Pastor Mark Chavez, General Secretary of the North American Lutheran Church, he commented, “I have a friend who is a Pastor and has recently retired to Saint Louis, I’ll call her”. A few weeks later and we are meeting with Pastor Beverly DeBord, who is as excited about this new opportunity as we are. WhileRead More →

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Our small steps, just got bigger!

This past Wednesday, December 18th, the North American Lutheran Church West County had a blessed gathering to celebrate the coming of our Savior and to hear a very motivating message from Pastor Fritz Brandenberg. Pastor Fritz is a NALC pastor that serves a congregation in the Westboro, Missouri area. He has a passion for the Bible and a great love of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thankfully, the distance to travel is not an issue for him. He has offered to come back to the St. Louis area as we work to form a new church, and to celebrate with us through communion and service. PastorRead More →

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More baby steps . . .

Sometimes, it seems like we’re not moving at all, but even the littlest of steps puts us closer to the goal. In this Advent season, we are gathering at a members house prior to the Advent service on Wednesday nights at St. Pauls in Wildwood. How is this a step, you ask. Community and fellowship is all important. It is important to stay together and stay connected. Email us and we’ll provide details. (We purposely didn’t post the details here, so as to not overwhelm our gracious hosts) On Dec. 18th, the group will meet with Pastor Franz Brandenburg of Westboro, MO to discuss formationRead More →

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