Publicity . . .
You’ll see a new ad published in the West County and St. Charles Magazine. This should hit your mailbox on Feb. 26th

Research with a couple larger churches in our area points out this has been very effective for them. We continue to expand our scope and outreach.

Logo Update. . .
The communications guru at NALC offered his assistance on a logo to identify us. The original logo came out of a need to have a name to register with the State. But it’s time to have a more identifiable image. You’ll see it here and on future publications

Amaryllis Update. . .
If you’ve been attending regularly, you’ll recall Pastor Beverly bringing an Amaryllis to the first service. That bulb has since grown a 16-1/2″ tall sprout, that is beginning to bloom and at the same time, pushing out an additional sprout.

Like that flower, we’ve been growing and it’s time to blossom and reach out.

Ash Wednesday. . .

We will hold a traditional Ash Wednesday Service

Sunday Services. . .
Sunday, March 1st, we move our service times to the morning. As we have been doing, we’ll lead off with an education time for around 45 minutes then a full worship service, with communion, led by the Rev. Dr. Beverly DeBord.
Pr. Beverly has been a true anchor for us in the development of our congregation. She brings her vast experience as a successful writer, a formally trained educator and a pastor of a large Lutheran NALC congregation. Come join us and get to know her; we guarantee you’ll be glad you did.

Sunday, March 1st
Education: 9AM
Worship: 9:45AM

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